End-to-End Fleet Management Solution​

FieldPulse Fleet Tracking system is simple to use, affordable, and powerful enough to run any size fleet. Using live GPS tracking, you’ll be able to easily keep track of drivers in real-time, enhance safety measures, and safeguard valuable assets.​
Optimize vehicle efficiency and lower operating costs with detailed reporting​
Detect common driving distractions like eating and drinking and phone usage with AI ​
Ensure safe driving standards by gamifying and rewarding safe drivings
Protect high-value equipment and trailers with asset tracking​

Keep your fleet running smoothly

Streamline operations, enhance compliance, and keep your fleet running at its best. FieldPulse’s fleet tracking reporting tools keep your fleet running smoothly by providing detailed reporting and built-in utilities that monitor driver behavior and vehicle health. Gain a deeper understanding of vehicle usage, operating costs, and driver performance, allowing you to optimize fleet operations. 

Reward safe driving

With our Driver Rewards Program, you can effortlessly monitor driver performance and incentivize safe driving practices, resulting in reduced accidents, increased productivity, and lower operating costs. After funding the program, you gain access to comprehensive monitoring tools and insightful reports to identify top drivers. With just a push of a button, you can reward drivers with the highest safety scores through gift cards, fostering a culture of safety and recognition.

Protect high-value equipment and trailers​

FieldPulse’s asset tracking system protects high-value equipment and trailers from theft and unauthorized use while improving recovery efforts. It simplifies billing with detailed reports, tracks asset movements, and provides real-time visibility of assets and workers. With FieldPulse, you can streamline asset management, maximize utilization, and ensure optimal delivery, maintenance, and pickup, ultimately safeguarding your assets and enhancing operational efficiency.

Get the full story​

With the power of AI-based smart detection software and unmatched accuracy, gain a crystal-clear picture of both front-facing road events and in-cab driver behavior, ensuring you have indisputable evidence when it matters most. Protect your drivers and exonerate them when they’re not at fault, backed by the solid proof provided by our cutting-edge technology. 


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