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Average Roofer Salary in Australia

Average Roofer Salary in Australia

April 20, 2022
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Employers in Australia looking to secure an incredible team of roofers need to know the average salary skilled workers expect to earn in their location.

Whether you want to hire an entry-level roofer keen to build their career, or an experienced roofer capable of tackling the most complicated jobs, the salaries that you’re expected to pay will vary dramatically.

With the most talented employees naturally seeking out companies offering top salaries and perks for their job title, rising above the national average salary helps you surpass your competition.

Here, we discuss the average compensation required to hire an experienced roofer with the expertise to complete your upcoming job.

a roofer surveying the jobsite

What is the Average Roofer Salary in Australia?

No matter where your business is based in Australia, the location, cost of living, the demand for services, and the level of competition will heavily affect the salaries your business must pay to attract employees.

Meanwhile, each hire’s education and experience level will also impact the roofer salary they get paid. Before we dive into more specific data, taking Australia as a whole sees the national average salary for a roofer reach $80,202 per year or $40.99 per hour.

How Much Does a Roofer Earn State-by-State?

There are virtually endless factors that influence salary estimates for a roofer, ranging from the complexity of the position to their previous job title.

As the cost of construction and repair also changes significantly alongside the labour market in each state and capital city of Australia, you must conduct a location-specific average total compensation to understand your costs.

Besides the extra perks and bonuses your company might pay to entice the best workers, check out this quick state-by-state breakdown of a roofer’s average base salary in each state across the country.

  • Victoria: $69,703/year, $35.63/hour
  • New South Wales: $77,457/year, $39.59/hour
  • Queensland: $84,987/year, $43.44/hour
  • South Australia: $61,554/year, $31.46/hour
  • Western Australia: $98,068/year, $50.12/hour
  • Tasmania: $78,800/year, $40.22/hour
  • Northern Territory: $77,611/year, $39.67/hour
  • Australian Capital Territory: $61,765/year, $31.57/hour
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Average Total Compensation for Roofers in Capital Cities

While you might think the typical roofer makes a comparable wage across the country, the previous breakdown shows that income varies greatly depending on location.

This becomes even more pronounced when we look at capital city data, with hotspots experiencing skills shortages or increased demand seeing higher compensation for a roofer doing a similar job.

While experience earns a roofer the big bucks, many workers will move to a new city because those with similar job titles are earning a far greater wage for the same job. Keep this in mind when getting ready to search for your next hire.

Here, we highlight the average base salary for a roofer in each capital city, so employers know what to pay when hiring in their area.

  • Melbourne: $69,394/year, $35.47/per hour
  • Sydney: $83,122/year, $42.48/per hour
  • Brisbane: $85,179/year, $43.54/per hour
  • Perth: $98,068/year, $50.12/per hour
  • Adelaide: $61,554/year, $31.46/per hour
  • Hobart: $79,544/year, $40.66/per hour
  • Darwin: $77,611/year, $39.67/per hour
  • Canberra: $61,765/year, $31.57/per hour
roofer standing on jobsite

Crucial Skills for Roofing in Australia

If you’re ready to search for a talented roofer to join your team, consider the following factors before having them sign on the dotted line.

Attention to Detail

Providing customers with incredible service relies upon workers having incredible attention to detail. From the ability to read complicated construction plans to making precise calculations when organising roofing materials, develop a trusted team who doesn’t overlook the small stuff while making a fast, accurate decision.

Fitness and Balance

To reach the pinnacle of the industry, workers must have outstanding fitness and balance. Not only is this a safety concern, but Australia’s harsh climate plays a big role in their day-to-day job. During a hiring search, consider selecting employees who understand why being responsible for their health and wellbeing matters – it might just enhance your next job.

Technical Expertise

If your company is focused on complex projects that require extensive knowledge, hire a roofer with the confidence to tackle any task, ranging from installing wood shingles to preparing a detailed customer report. While top-notch workers command a higher average salary, the extra amount might be worth it because you won’t have to monitor their on-site performance.

roofer carrying shingles

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Ensure your operation grows long into the future by hiring a roofer that takes an interest in their profession, offers exceptional skills and appreciates customer service.

Although compensation for stellar workers might exceed your expectations, know that the right person can massively benefit your business.

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