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Best Roofing Materials For Your Climate

Best Roofing Materials For Your Climate

January 18, 2022
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Experienced roofers know that plenty of thought goes into matching the materials overhead with the surrounding climate. This is especially important in a place like Australia, where most homeowners will encounter soaring heat, extreme winds or heavy rain throughout the year.

When selecting the ideal type of roofing material, aesthetics, insulation and longevity are all key aspects to discuss with your client before getting to work. Meanwhile, you should always find out whether your client plans to include additional structures such as solar panels, air conditioning or rainwater systems, which might impact their choice.

To make sure you end the job off with a happy customer, we’ve put together a brief rundown of the most popular roofing solutions for Australia’s climate. Read on to make sure your customers understand their options.

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Different Types of Roof Materials That Work Best For Each Climate

Hot Weather

There’s no shortage of uncomfortably hot weather to be found across Australia. But keeping everyone feeling cool inside is possible when you choose the ideal roofing materials.

Terracotta roof tiles are considered one of the best choices for hot climates, as they can endure harsh heat for up to 75 years when properly maintained. Due to their slightly curved design, air circulates through the terracotta roof tiles, limiting more heat from seeping in through the ceiling.

While different types of roof material, including natural wood, rubber and asphalt shingles, are known to fracture under high temperatures, maintaining terracotta tiles is straightforward with a high-pressure cleaner and anti-moss spray.

However, this natural clay product requires a significant investment that can be too expensive for some clients. Instead, many people opt for cheaper roof styles such as concrete roof tiles or slab roofs.  In fact, concrete tiles can also last for around 70 years, making them incredible for endless hot days.

These common products might not be as aesthetically pleasing, but they offer a similar kind of protection that leads to less heat inside. Alongside the dramatic reduction in air conditioning costs, these products are perfect for customers with a lower budget.

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Tropical Weather

Australia’s tropical regions get bombarded with stormy conditions for extensive intervals throughout the year, meaning the use of advanced roofing materials is essential. Fortunately, several different types of roofing materials provide customers with a safe and sound solution.

With tropical cyclones and other extreme weather events bringing intense winds, these can surge to well over 100 kilometres per hour. As clients who live in the tropics are undoubtedly concerned about their roof being ripped from its foundations, concrete tiles provide robust protection against gale-force winds. Meanwhile, concrete roof tiles also offer strong resistance to high temperatures at the peak of summer, ensuring they’re a highly durable product when installed correctly.

tropical weather roofing australia

Metal is another popular option for tropical climates. Available in a range of colours, lighter tones help with reflecting heat away from the structure. Plus, durable metal roofs also easily handle heavy rain and wind speeds that rise to over 225 kilometres per hour while also supporting high thermal mass.

If a metal roof is the ideal solution for your next client, you might consider standing seam metal roofing. However, as Australia’s tropics have a high year-round ultraviolet rating, it’s imperative these metal tiles are painted with an appropriate product.

Rather than a standing seam metal roof fading significantly over the years, using UV-resistant paint ensures your residential roofing remains as vibrant as ever.

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Snowy Weather

You won’t find snowy conditions in many parts of Australia, but those who live in alpine locations must carefully consider which roofing material makes sense for their needs. With houses and commercial structures vulnerable to dangerous ice dams, the roof materials you choose help you avoid many structural concerns and promote energy efficiency.

Slate tiles are often the best way to keep an alpine home toasty throughout the year, with this product reducing condensation and helping to maintain internal temperatures. Slate tiles are also extra energy-efficient, so your customers will find themselves saving on their heating bills too.

Metal roofing materials also perform great in snowy climates. With a smooth surface, icy patches slide off the side rather than gradually accumulating and causing problems. In addition, the reflective nature of metal roofing ensures snow and ice melts quickly, reducing the chance of damage occurring.

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General Weather Roofing Materials Australia

Parts of Australia are fortunate to experience a mild climate throughout the year, ensuring customers can base their roofing decisions on factors outside the weather. Instead of worrying about the heat or rain, people will usually base their choice on maintenance costs, longevity, style and price.

One roofing material that tends to strike the ideal middle ground in a moderate climate is colorbond steel sheet. With colorbond steel roofing available in numerous colours and coatings to achieve optimal performance, customers can expect their steel roof to remain in excellent condition for years to come.

If you’re a roofing contractor that wants to stand out against the competition, it’s essential that you offer your customers the right roofing material for the job. By offering a solution that provides stellar thermal insulation and protection against high winds, you can benefit from exceptional customer demand.

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Tips for Promoting Your Roofing Business in Australia

As you probably know, customers in Australia have an endless array of roofers to choose to carry out their project. So how can you make sure you’re the business that ends up getting the gig? By adopting a marketing strategy designed to highlight your talent, you can secure the job and level up your operations.

Showcase Your Expertise

Ranging from tile roofs to corrugated iron, there’s a huge variety of roofing products used alongside the Australian climate. You can make sure customers view you as the best in the business by promoting a website or social media page that proudly displays the success of your previous jobs. As customers want to know their dream home is in good hands, this strategy ensures many homeowners feel comfortable putting their trust – and hard-earned cash – in your operation.

Offer a Free Quote

Customers want the installation of their new ceramic roof tiles or wood shingles to go as smoothly as possible. This process begins right from the moment your business is contacted by a fresh lead looking to ensure their dilapidated roof structure can be easily replaced for a great price.

Rather than charging to price a job, offering a free quote is a great way to start this new relationship with the best foot forward. By making this process a standard part of how you conduct business, you’re bound to experience more leads reaching out to learn more about your roof tiles and flat roof designs.

Promote Your Credentials

The installation of a new house roof is a costly endeavour, ensuring the average customer is particularly weary about who they invest their time and money with.  This means you must clearly promote the high standards that your business always maintains.

One way to achieve this is by highlighting the insurance policies that your business has in place, as this reduces customer concerns if the product installed on their house needs a fix up. Through stellar customer communication, you can eleviate any worries and get the job effectively.

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