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Scheduling Software

Scheduling Software

August 3, 2022
More Efficiency, Less Paperwork. Easily manage jobs, customers, scheduling, employees, and business costs and profit.

FieldPulse’s field service management software makes it simple to manage complex schedules by allowing users to examine daily agendas, Gantt charts, and map plots by day, week, month, list, dispatch, or team member.

Rather than dealing with paper hard copies that always go missing, FieldPulse makes it easy to maintain digital job notes, comments, files, and images. This way, your field service technicians have everything they need to execute their service requests. With additional custom fields like gate codes, tags and forms, you can keep track of each job’s nitty-gritty details. You can even automatically communicate with your field workers by transferring these files when your customer schedules a new service.

In this article, we’ll address why field service software is essential to your success while also taking you through FieldPulse’s service scheduling software. For a guided product walkthrough, visit our website to schedule a free demo.


What Is Field Service Management Software?

Field service scheduling software helps service businesses manage all their operations and resources involved in field service management activities. From scheduling service teams and dispatching to estimates and invoices to time tracking and customer management, these all fall under field service management.

Why Use Field Service Management Software?

Why is having service scheduling software specifically designed for field service companies so essential? Sure, simply scheduling your service calls on pen and paper or your Google Calendar will help you keep on top of your schedule from a high level. However, a field service management scheduling tool will open up a new world of capabilities that will save you from wasteful time-sucks and unnecessary headaches.

Fully integrated field service management software isn’t just incredible for scheduling. You’ll also benefit from linking your customer’s entire service history – including job records, files, photos and notes – to their latest booking. Plus, you can view everything from the office and the job site.

You’ll also be able to assign these jobs to individuals or service teams while sending update notifications when service technicians have an upcoming call. Alongside our field service scheduling software, techs can always view the finer details of the job in their calendars for easy referencing and vastly improved job outcomes.

How FieldPulse’s Service Scheduling Software Works

Check out this video for a brief walkthrough of our field service management scheduling software!


FieldPulse’s service scheduling software makes it easy to take charge of your operations, as there are multiple ways to schedule and assign jobs. If you prefer to schedule the job directly from an individual customer’s record, you can do so by selecting the customer from your ‘Customers’ tab in the FieldPulse app.

Once you’ve picked your customer and clicked on their profile, click on the ‘Actions’ button and select ‘Create Job,’ and FieldPulse will import your customer information into a new job. For the individual jobs, you can click the ‘Display More Fields’ dropdown to toggle on and off job information like location, team member and notes, depending on your preferences.

If you’d rather schedule appointments and manage jobs from our schedule tab, several options are available, such as list, dispatch, calendar, and map. You can also get more specific, with day, week and month-long views from those view options, ensuring you never overlook a commitment.

List View

For example, we’ll select the ‘List’ view with the ‘Week’ timeline. From here, we’ll choose which team member’s schedule you want to view. Each job will have a colour status, blue if new or green if in progress. To see related notes for the job, just hover your cursor over the booking. If you want to display some more fields, you can also click on ‘Create Job’ in the top right-hand corner.

Dispatch View

If you click on the ‘Dispatch’ view, you’ll be able to see all your field technicians’ schedules with day, week, and month views. This makes it easy to remember your techs’ schedules while maximising their output. With this view, you’re able to drag and drop jobs to save time when making scheduling changes.

Calendar View

In the ‘Calendar’ View, you can drag and drop to switch service technicians or create a new job. This view is also colour-coded by job status, with blue indicating the job is new, green indicating that the job is in progress, and grey indicating that the job has been completed.

If you’re only looking to see the schedule for a specific team, you can select the group via the dropdown menu in the left-hand corner. You can also select the hourglass icon next to the date above the calendar to see only jobs that have not yet been scheduled or assigned to a team member.

Map View

Last but not least is our ‘Map’ view to get a geographical snapshot of where your jobs will be that day. The best part of this view is its route optimisation capability, which allows you to ensure that your service technicians are making the most out of their time.

To do this, click on “Schedule Route” in the top left corner of the map view. From there, you can select a specific day, and select whether to include jobs that have already been assigned to field technicians. Click ‘Next’ to select the jobs to map out. Once you’ve chosen those jobs, click ‘Next’ again, and the jobs will pop up on your map view. 

From here, you can select which jobs you want your field technicians to go to and the order in which they should complete the jobs. Once you’ve drawn out your route, hit ‘Next’ and select the first job start time, job duration, travel time, and team members. Then, you’ll be shown the optimised route for that team member before confirming the changes.

New Field Service Management Calendar View

Check out this video for a brief walkthrough of our new calendar view!

What Is It? 

Our new calendar view takes the original FieldPulse field service scheduling calendar to the next level. It’s got all the features of your original calendar view with day, week, and month time frames, but with a few new perks. With new capabilities like job tagging, colour coding, drag and drop scheduling, and condensed view, it’s easy to stay organised.

How It Works

Open the FieldPulse app and click on the ‘Schedule’ tab in the ‘Schedule’ drop-down menu.

You’ll see a few different view options like list, dispatch, calendar, and map. To access the new calendar view, click on ‘calendar.’

One benefit of this view is that it’s easier than ever to schedule work for companies with large or multiple teams of field technicians. Simply click on the drop-down menu under the ‘day, week, month’ view options and select the team you’re scheduling for. You can also select ‘all members’ instead of a specific team, filter the view by unassigned jobs, and hit save to generate your view.

Once you’ve hit save, a week-long schedule will pop up showing organised by day and team member, and will also show you what jobs have been scheduled for those days.

All jobs are colour-coded, making it simple to see where you stand. Jobs that are grey-coloured have been marked as complete, blue jobs are newly created, and green jobs are currently in progress.

If you hover over the job, you’ll see the account information or job notes. In the top right corner of the job, you’ll also see a colour-coded job tag. You can easily customise both the colours and the type of tag when you’re creating the job.

Another perk of this new schedule view is that you’re able to reschedule jobs in just a few clicks by dragging and dropping them into another time slot, and confirming the time by hitting ‘save.’ You can also change the team member if the original tech is unavailable.

You can also condense the schedule for an even simpler at-a-glance view by clicking on the job’s date. With this new view, you’re able to create a new job directly from the calendar by clicking on one of your technician’s time slots. You’ll be able to access this new view on both our web and mobile app, so you never miss a beat.

Ready to Get Started with Field Service Management Software?

FieldPulse’s service scheduling software and new calendar views make keeping on top of your service business’ schedule easier than ever. Along with all the benefits of our scheduling tool, you’ll also get access to our full suite of powerful features and integrations such as maintenance agreements, service contracts, inventory management, custom price books, GPS tracking, customer relationship management, and so much more.

You can access your FieldPulse field service management app through either our web or mobile field service app, so you can keep on top of your operations and grow your customer satisfaction, no matter where your day may take you.

FieldPulse is built and priced for small businesses in the field service industry. Supported by software that’s super easy to use, great to customise and light on your wallet, you can fulfill all your business needs to the highest possible level.

Ready to see how FieldPulse can increase productivity and efficiency across all areas of your business? Schedule a free demo today and get a full tour of the FieldPulse software. We also offer a free 7-day trial, so you can get to know the ins and outs of our field service management solution at your own pace.


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