Reece maX App

Search the entire Reece product catalogue without having to leave FieldPulse.

Realtime Item Searching

FieldPulse and the Reece Group have partnered to provide you with a quick and easy way to perform realtime item searches via Reece’s extensive Supplier Catalogue, while also taking advantage of FieldPulse’s all-in-one service management app.

Ensure better profit analysis on your quotes and invoices by planning out expenses on a per estimate or invoice basis. Evaluate the value of individual jobs to calculate your net profit with just a few clicks.

Create itemised quotes and invoices. Utilise the easy e-Signature feature to get docs signed quickly. Easily communicate with customers and follow up on unpaid invoices.

Get direct access to the Reece Catalogue’s entire product images and live pricing when creating purchase orders and quotes.

Save time with quick order processing by sending your purchase orders straight to Reece with one click.

How it works

Once you’ve enabled the Reece MaX integration, you and your team will be able to create quotes for customers using Reece’s catalogue items.

After your quote is created with your preferred items, a Reece purchase order will be automatically generated without leaving the FieldPulse Web App!

Discover even more about how Reece and FieldPulse's premier partnership can help your plumbing business grow and thrive.